Friday, June 22, 2012

one thing leads to another... and another

an utterly pointless, yet utterly darling floral pic 

so to start, i thought i'd just mention that i have indeed still misplaced my camera.  i've been mentally retracing my steps,trying to remember when i last used it, but my brain isn't co-operating with me.  i'm pretty sure i haven't lost it out and about, or that it's been stolen...  no,no.  i think it's in my house somewhere.  

which leads me to...
my super messy house.  i'm not the tidiest of people on a day to day basis.  sure, i can tidy my house with only an hour or less notice if someone is coming around to visit.  pretty well too!  but daily it seems i can live in a comfortable mess.  
but my house at the moment is terrible.  because i don't have a sewing room, my dining table is currently being used as a sewing table, the surrounding floor and chairs have stacks of fabric on them, my ironing board for said sewing is in my lounge (the closest available power point), the ironing board has finished sewing projects on them, my couch is covered in things to go into ollie's room (and mine) and i have my old tv sitting next to one of my lounge chairs while i figure out what to do with it.  all of this is not including ollie's toys and debris.  even i am embarrassed.

which leads me to...
what i have just been doing.  i thought i'd get stuck in and start with today's dishes.  after that, i wiped the benches.  then i noticed a patch on the walls were a bit grubby.  before i knew it i had scrubbed my kitchen window sill, the walls, all of the cupboard doors, my oven, the fridge and the benches.  i even got out the cotton buds to get into the hard to reach spots.

did i need to clean my kitchen this much?  probably
did i need to do this before the rest of my house got tidied?  definitely not
am i too pooped to do any other housework tonight?  i think so

but boy, oh, boy my kitchen looks lovely.
if only i could find my camera to take a pic of it...

amy xx  

Friday, June 15, 2012

these are a few of my favourite things...

here are some things that have been added to my wish list:
awesome horse brooch from craftyfolk 
owl candle from roseinthorns
rose brooch from acorn & will
i quite like these from dr.martens
and these from asos
lastly, sienna crockery by midwinter to add to my (very small) collection.  beautiful.

my birthday is coming up, i may have to treat myself!

amy xx

Thursday, June 14, 2012

hello folks!

just a quick note to say:

and, do you like the little tweaks i've made to my blog?
by the way you look lovely today
and won't you please follow my blog, if you're feeling in the mood
oh, yeah, last thing is i've temporarily misplaced my camera, and so as much as i'd love to be taking pictures for you right now, it will have to wait

see you here soon with (hopefully) some pictures

amy xxx

Monday, June 11, 2012

oh, happy days!

i'm feeling a bit blugh today, nursing a cold and silly persistent cough, so instead of pictures and text from me, i have decided to share some pictures that have brightened my day today.

i hope you are having a happy day!

amy xx