Friday, March 30, 2012

wardrobe wednesday...on a friday

please forgive me.

i know this is a wardrobe wednesday, and today really is a friday, but i had FIVE comments on my dress (and all my dresses in general) from ladies at kindy this morning, so it seemed like a good day to share my outfit.

and while you're in a forgiving mood, i am truly sorry about the super wide shot with a lot of unneccessary greenery in the first picture. my camera won't take portrait shots by itself (stupid rounded ends on my camera), and i have yet to find out where the good editing programme is on my new computer.

that said, let me tell you what i'm wearing.

brown dress: gifted from rhiannon

rose wool cardigan: thrifted

black earrings: mother's day gift from ollie

silver shoes: the warehouse

long grass hiding my silver shoes: c/- broken lawnmower

top knot: hurriedly pinned up this morning

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a photo an hour

here's my take on 'a photo an hour'

7am: first coffee of the day

8am: off to kindy. i had to put two photos in because he was so excited to be in a photo!

9am: backyard bunting
10am: re-organising ollie's bookcase

11am: party pom poms

noon: back to kindy

1pm: lunch time amid the pom pom chaos!

2pm: playtime

3pm: seed pod from rabbit island

4pm: my current read

5pm: early dinner. yum!

6pm: goofing around

7pm: wrapping up a parcel ready to post

8pm: cleaned and re-arranged the outside of the fridge

Monday, March 26, 2012

gifted thrifted

it's so nice when you are given something by someone and they understand your taste and style spot on.
mum came to visit me on saturday and brought these pretty little numbers.

'these?' i hear you say?? um, yep, there's four of these sheets! so satisfying to wash them and hang them up on the line.

i always feel like i'm laura ingalls wilder or something.

aren't they pretty?

then, dropping ollie off to kindy this morning, the head teacher let me go through some fabric that had been dropped off. she thought there were some pieces that were my taste, and she was right!
i have plans for some of the pieces,the rest will just be lovingly added to my rather large fabric stash.

oh, yeah and there was these too! the cutest half apron and two hand embroidered doilies. love.

check out that pocket

ps. i do feel a wee bit bad taking from things that were heading for the kindy fabric scrap bin, but i can assure you i donate PLENTY of fabric, wool, time etc to that place. so it kind of works out perfectly. plus, how could i let kids cut that fabric up?!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

a wee catch up

mr. rainy thursday was spent at home with a slightly unwell yet surprisingly energetic ollie. we spent the (very long) day entertaining ourselves by doing puzzles, dancing to lady gaga (one of ollie's favourites at the moment) and me doing some knitting. do you like what i'm making? it's a manly style beanie i'm making for a friend. this is actually beanie number two, as beanie number one was a little fugly and is now gracing the head of a teddy bear as he is apparently travelling to disneyland, and it can get very cold on the plane in the sky (aaah i love 4 year old's imaginations).

ollie woke up slightly better friday morn, but i thought i'd still get him checked out. i always feel like an overprotective mum when i take ollie to the doctor, but so glad i did - full blown ear infection in one ear!! go mother's instinct!!

the immigrants

the drab doo-riffs

saturday night was child free for me so i went along to a very rainy and wet marchfest , an awesome festival that is a yearly event here in nelson to mark the end of the hop season. it's pretty much beer, food and good music. this year's line-up was again amazing with the immigrants , the drab doo-riffs, john cooper clarke, and alabama 3. check them out!
(sorry about the shoddy band pictures, but that's what happens when you're trying to dance in suctiony mud and take a picture all at the same time.)

i hope you had a lovely weekend too!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a rainy sort of day

it's a rainy kind of day here today. which I don't normally mind, especially when I have the house to myself to just potter around in.

but Ollie woke up very early this morning crying and complaining of a sore ear, and with his history of ear infections, I thought a day at home away from kindy was in order.

the patient

So my plans for today are: tidy the house, vacuum said house, cleaning ollie's room, baking, dvd's and jigsaw's with ollie, and dealing with some pesky aphids that are all around my computer...

not a very good picture, but he's there, in my hand

so if I get rid of the aphids, would you like a small tour of some of the corners of my home? (again, sorry about the pictures, it is raining after all...)

in the jar are the most amazing rock candies from my friends wedding a few weekends ago

and a really terrible photo of me,but I wanted to show you my new dress I thrifted last week! Im still figuring out the best area for taking full length photos in my house, so please pretend the dress sits just below my knee. do you like it?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

better late than never...

summer was rather shy this year where i live with colder than normal weather, more rain and definitely not many good picnic-ing days. so, after seeing the summery day outside, i banished the ridiculous notion that it was autumn, and set off to rabbit island for a picnic.

after a bit of lunch, i sat with my book on the beach while ollie played, dug holes and drove his dump truck around.

how did you spend your saturday?

new beginnings

it seems like forever ago that I stumbled across my very first blog. it was full of amazing pictures, creative crafting and interesting snippets from the author and her family's life. now, a few years on, she is one of my closest and dearest friends, and after some gentle nudging and encouragement from her, I have decided to write my own blog.
so here it is. it may need some tweaking, my posts my not be the most unsightful things you will read, and my apologies if I become rather sporadic with my updates, but I say welcome to my life and thank you for having me here with you. xx