Friday, March 30, 2012

wardrobe wednesday...on a friday

please forgive me.

i know this is a wardrobe wednesday, and today really is a friday, but i had FIVE comments on my dress (and all my dresses in general) from ladies at kindy this morning, so it seemed like a good day to share my outfit.

and while you're in a forgiving mood, i am truly sorry about the super wide shot with a lot of unneccessary greenery in the first picture. my camera won't take portrait shots by itself (stupid rounded ends on my camera), and i have yet to find out where the good editing programme is on my new computer.

that said, let me tell you what i'm wearing.

brown dress: gifted from rhiannon

rose wool cardigan: thrifted

black earrings: mother's day gift from ollie

silver shoes: the warehouse

long grass hiding my silver shoes: c/- broken lawnmower

top knot: hurriedly pinned up this morning


  1. I love this outfit - the dress and the cardi look lovely and the silver shoes are very cute.

  2. That dress looks AMAZING on you - it seriously looked like a sack on me. I'm a wee bit jealous! Did you end up altering it?

  3. Gorgeous! Love the dress! Where can I get those earrings please? .... It's such a bummer that my lawnmower just got fixed. Now I have to mow the lawns!

  4. thanks for the love guys! i love this dress very muchly too. michelle, not sure where ollie shops for me, although a little birdie told me they saw a certain 4 year old at the warehouse, shantons and $2 shop, out shopping for some bling for his mumma...