Saturday, April 14, 2012

good evening!

what are you up to this saturday evening?  here's what i'm up to:

i'm putting music onto my computer and i'm listening to florence + the machine on said computer.  i'm watching a big monarch caterpillar, two medium sized monarch caterpillars and two teeny monarch caterpillars eating their yummy swan plant on my dining room table.  i'm wondering if  there is enough swan plant to go around and thinking maybe i should buy some pumpkin for them to munch on.
i'm looking around my tidy lounge and feeling quite pleased with myself for the good job i did cleaning and tidying today.  at the same time i'm looking quite sternly at the basket of washing waiting patiently to be folded, wondering why on earth it won't learn to fold itself. 
i'm eating raspberry flavoured rock candy from my friend's wedding and debating with myself as to whether or not i really need the last bottle of peachee bundaberg in the fridge.  i probably do need it.
i'm thinking about ollie's upcoming birthday.  i'm searching online for party inspiration.  i'm wondering if the effort that i put into his parties is for his sake or mine.  or both.  i'm feeling quite sad that he will be five.  however, i'm cherishing the picture of me he drew today. 
i'm wondering what might be on tv to fill in the rest of evening.  i'm wondering what i currently have on the needles that i can work on.  i'm planning on writing a list of all the crafting projects i have to complete in the next few weeks.
i'm waiting for a text from my lovely lovely friend to tell me she has gone into labour.  then i'm waiting for a text from her husband to say she's had her baby.  this probably won't happen tonight.  but i would like it to.

amy xx

Friday, April 13, 2012

compliments of ollie

just stumbled across these lovely photos that ollie must have snapped without me knowing!  i quite like them, they have definitely put a smile on my face today.  i hope you like them too!
amy xx

holidays: week one

the past week...

ollie's new best friend, lightning mcqueen
 easter chocolate haul.  this is being rationed out VERY carefully!

 ollie's awesome spirograph!
we went to an awesome meccano and lego exhibition on easter sunday.  there were some amazing machines that had been built, areas where you could make your own meccano creations, and some gadgets that you could use yourself..  ollie managed to win himself a chocolate bar by operating an arcade-type claw grabbing machine (i'm sure there's a proper name for it!), and he made a pretty cool spirograph-type picture as well.  but by far, ollie's favourite was the trains.  they were pretty sweet!

ollie has been complaining lately about what i cook for dinner,so i decided to have a night off, and let ollie cook.  he drew the ingredients we needed, went to the store, and ollie made tea.
pineapple and marshmallow kebabs.  plural as in a total of two were made - one for me, one for him.  and to top it off, as he was making it,i heard from the kitchen "now mum, if you have anything to complain about, you can just go hungry." at least i can be safe in the knowledge that when ollie eventually goes to live on his own he will be able to make one meal!

have a lovely day
amy xx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

: a last hurrah :

it's with a sad and heavy heart that i have to say goodbye to my favourite dress ever.  this beauty was one of my first dresses ever thrifted and she encouraged me to wear dresses on a daily basis.  alas, she is wearing quite thin in places and is sadly now destined to be taken apart.  but fear not fellow dress lovers, for this old girl will be used as a pattern to create many many more lovely lassies.  so today is her last hurrah.  i am wearing her with pride and twirling as much as possible today.  if you see us out today give us a wave, we will surely wave, twirl and smile back at you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hello mr autumn

i love the beginning of autumn, especially here where i live.  daylight saving ends,  the days are still super warm and the trees slowly start to change colours. 
and feijoas... mmm!
 ollie and i also collected these today from the park behind our house
 had to include this awesome photo of ollie 'smiling'.  
hope you have a great day!

Monday, April 2, 2012

nifty thrifty

 i've had a wee bit of luck this past week with my thrifty finds, all for $25.   

another basket to add to my collection, however this one is on loan to mum
 some amazing teacups
 vintage wool winder...that  works perfectly!
 a few kitchen bits and bobs
 pot plant watering can, pot holder and floral pillowcase
 all these books for $1

and now for some vintage baby clothes i do NOT need...

this suit is amazing! 

and still time for a hot chocolate and coffee with my boy.

xx amy