Friday, April 13, 2012

holidays: week one

the past week...

ollie's new best friend, lightning mcqueen
 easter chocolate haul.  this is being rationed out VERY carefully!

 ollie's awesome spirograph!
we went to an awesome meccano and lego exhibition on easter sunday.  there were some amazing machines that had been built, areas where you could make your own meccano creations, and some gadgets that you could use yourself..  ollie managed to win himself a chocolate bar by operating an arcade-type claw grabbing machine (i'm sure there's a proper name for it!), and he made a pretty cool spirograph-type picture as well.  but by far, ollie's favourite was the trains.  they were pretty sweet!

ollie has been complaining lately about what i cook for dinner,so i decided to have a night off, and let ollie cook.  he drew the ingredients we needed, went to the store, and ollie made tea.
pineapple and marshmallow kebabs.  plural as in a total of two were made - one for me, one for him.  and to top it off, as he was making it,i heard from the kitchen "now mum, if you have anything to complain about, you can just go hungry." at least i can be safe in the knowledge that when ollie eventually goes to live on his own he will be able to make one meal!

have a lovely day
amy xx


  1. That is hilarious! My parenting comes back to haunt me all the time too. :)

  2. you guys have a GUINEA PIG?! since when?