Monday, April 2, 2012

nifty thrifty

 i've had a wee bit of luck this past week with my thrifty finds, all for $25.   

another basket to add to my collection, however this one is on loan to mum
 some amazing teacups
 vintage wool winder...that  works perfectly!
 a few kitchen bits and bobs
 pot plant watering can, pot holder and floral pillowcase
 all these books for $1

and now for some vintage baby clothes i do NOT need...

this suit is amazing! 

and still time for a hot chocolate and coffee with my boy.

xx amy


  1. Score, indeed! love love the Hornsea mugs and the wee overall/shirt combo (of course!). You need to hurry up and meet the man of your dreams so you can make more cute babies that can wear all these clothes. C'moooon dreamguy!

  2. if/when you find him at your nearest thrift store, please take him home and send him to me. post shop will have a suitable postage bag, i'm sure... that'd be the best thrift find to date! haha