Thursday, April 5, 2012

: a last hurrah :

it's with a sad and heavy heart that i have to say goodbye to my favourite dress ever.  this beauty was one of my first dresses ever thrifted and she encouraged me to wear dresses on a daily basis.  alas, she is wearing quite thin in places and is sadly now destined to be taken apart.  but fear not fellow dress lovers, for this old girl will be used as a pattern to create many many more lovely lassies.  so today is her last hurrah.  i am wearing her with pride and twirling as much as possible today.  if you see us out today give us a wave, we will surely wave, twirl and smile back at you.


  1. Hi amy, i'm melissa, Struan McKenzie's wife... thanks for the lovely bibs we received care of your mum... Love your blog, and your style!

  2. thanks melissa! just had a wee nosy at your blog, your wee one is scrumptious! congratulaions to you and your family, and i'm glad you like the bibs.