Monday, March 26, 2012

gifted thrifted

it's so nice when you are given something by someone and they understand your taste and style spot on.
mum came to visit me on saturday and brought these pretty little numbers.

'these?' i hear you say?? um, yep, there's four of these sheets! so satisfying to wash them and hang them up on the line.

i always feel like i'm laura ingalls wilder or something.

aren't they pretty?

then, dropping ollie off to kindy this morning, the head teacher let me go through some fabric that had been dropped off. she thought there were some pieces that were my taste, and she was right!
i have plans for some of the pieces,the rest will just be lovingly added to my rather large fabric stash.

oh, yeah and there was these too! the cutest half apron and two hand embroidered doilies. love.

check out that pocket

ps. i do feel a wee bit bad taking from things that were heading for the kindy fabric scrap bin, but i can assure you i donate PLENTY of fabric, wool, time etc to that place. so it kind of works out perfectly. plus, how could i let kids cut that fabric up?!


  1. That's it. I need to find a kindy, and a Mum, who have access to vintage fabric. Surely that can't be tooooo hard, aye? aye?

    1. ooh and watch this space for the possibility of more goodies through a contact. i'm squealing to myself quietly in the corner!