Thursday, March 22, 2012

a rainy sort of day

it's a rainy kind of day here today. which I don't normally mind, especially when I have the house to myself to just potter around in.

but Ollie woke up very early this morning crying and complaining of a sore ear, and with his history of ear infections, I thought a day at home away from kindy was in order.

the patient

So my plans for today are: tidy the house, vacuum said house, cleaning ollie's room, baking, dvd's and jigsaw's with ollie, and dealing with some pesky aphids that are all around my computer...

not a very good picture, but he's there, in my hand

so if I get rid of the aphids, would you like a small tour of some of the corners of my home? (again, sorry about the pictures, it is raining after all...)

in the jar are the most amazing rock candies from my friends wedding a few weekends ago

and a really terrible photo of me,but I wanted to show you my new dress I thrifted last week! Im still figuring out the best area for taking full length photos in my house, so please pretend the dress sits just below my knee. do you like it?


  1. UH, dress envy!! It is ammmmazing. I also envy the fact you have a waistline, I'm missing mine dreadfully. I tried to wear a dress today and just looked like I had draped a sheet over a GIANT piece of furniture or something.
    Also- I have the same scales, measuring cups AND tin as you. We must be twins or something.
    Hope the O monster feels better soon xx

  2. Its like we ARE twins... And waistline?? Mwah hahahahaha!! But thank you.