Sunday, March 25, 2012

a wee catch up

mr. rainy thursday was spent at home with a slightly unwell yet surprisingly energetic ollie. we spent the (very long) day entertaining ourselves by doing puzzles, dancing to lady gaga (one of ollie's favourites at the moment) and me doing some knitting. do you like what i'm making? it's a manly style beanie i'm making for a friend. this is actually beanie number two, as beanie number one was a little fugly and is now gracing the head of a teddy bear as he is apparently travelling to disneyland, and it can get very cold on the plane in the sky (aaah i love 4 year old's imaginations).

ollie woke up slightly better friday morn, but i thought i'd still get him checked out. i always feel like an overprotective mum when i take ollie to the doctor, but so glad i did - full blown ear infection in one ear!! go mother's instinct!!

the immigrants

the drab doo-riffs

saturday night was child free for me so i went along to a very rainy and wet marchfest , an awesome festival that is a yearly event here in nelson to mark the end of the hop season. it's pretty much beer, food and good music. this year's line-up was again amazing with the immigrants , the drab doo-riffs, john cooper clarke, and alabama 3. check them out!
(sorry about the shoddy band pictures, but that's what happens when you're trying to dance in suctiony mud and take a picture all at the same time.)

i hope you had a lovely weekend too!


  1. Two questions:
    1) is that a dog with a beanie?
    2) is cabling as hard as it looks? Cause it looks pretty hard.

    1. 1) it really is a dog with a beanie. i am a jigsaw geek, but this is not my normal jig style. mum asked me to put it together to make sure all the pieces were there so it could be sold at her school gala.
      2) cables are super super easy!! especially this type of cabling,which i call a basic cable. i'll talk you through it sometime!