Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a birthday post

 ollie turned five today!  i've tried to start this post about a hundred different ways, but it seems i can't put into words exactly what i want to say about him to make you understand how incredible i think he is.  i can't imagine where my life would be today without him in my life, and i feel truly blessed to have him.  i love him more than anything in the entire world, i love him tums and tums and the sky plus one more.  it's some pretty big love going on here.  
it has not been an easy road, especially raising him on my own, and even though my patience has worn thin on numerous occasions, i remind myself how much of an amazing kid i have.  he brings me breakfast in bed, is my own personal dj and plays my music for me, gets me his blanket if i hurt myself, crafts with me, has adopted my love of jigsaws, eats my dinners (mostly) no matter how much they suck, does silly things with me and loves me always.  he's pretty cool.  
and as i left his school today after dropping him off for his first day, bawling my eyes out, i realised he's growing up, and although i may not have appreciated every moment i've had with him, i'm going to try my hardest to do so in the future.  

i love you ollie, you are amazing and continue to amaze me and make me proud.
love you hun-bun
mumma xxx


  1. just having a wee cry at my desk. love that pic of him in the woolies. you're both the bee's knees xxx

  2. happppy birthday Ollie! woo. five, aye? pretty neat.
    this post is pretty cute and soppy, I shed a tear!
    I also love love the wool-wig picture. crack up!