Wednesday, May 16, 2012

happy things

things that made me smile today:
the new frankie magazine
discovering frankie's brother, smith journal
hanging out with my friend madeleine
seeing snow on the hills
adding to my babysitter's club book collection
playing with new lego
thrifted kitsch shell owls
listening to ollie read to me
comfort food for dinner
colourful gerberas

what made you happy today?


  1. a walk in the sunshine. a few scores at the Sallies. getting my washing up to date.
    that's about it.
    (do you have the Frankie before that one?)

  2. ooh where did you get the smith mag from?

  3. I didn't get the smith mag, but i bought frankie from page & blackmore here in nelson, and the lady behind the counter said it was in!! it'd be worth a search for local stockists!