Thursday, May 10, 2012

dear universe, karma and fate

i have been good lately.  very good.  please let things run smoothly over the next few days.  please let my cake rise splendidly.  please give me enough air in my lungs to blow up many, many balloons.  maybe you could change the weather forecast and make it sunny for saturday so we can smash up a pinata?  and while you are at it, please help me remember this year which layer in pass the parcel is the last one so that the birthday boy can win the last prize.  helping me ensure the food is delicious would be great too.  delicious food is important i think.  as is a bottle of wine for at the end of the day.  maybe you could help nudge my brain in remembering to pick one up, cos i will surely forget.  i'm starting to stress a little bit, and even though the birthday boy won't really care what goes on as long as there is cake and a couple of games, i want everything to look awesome and run even awesomer.  remember there is only one of me putting this show together, so your mystical help would be muchly appreciated.

yours sincerely,

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  1. i will send out happy thoughts too!! and a few pep texts, and some virtual hugs, and a couple of phone calls, and a toast on saturday night. you are amazing xx