Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the salt to my pepper

 today i was lucky enough to receive these beautiful salt and pepper shakers, from a friend who was having a clear out.  
they are gorgeous, don't you think?

and so i thought i would share with you my entire s 'n' p collection!
 one big happy family! 
below are some of my absolute favourites...
 wish i had the lids to these guys

i'm on the hunt for a fellow for this lovely lady...
 ...and the brown mr. pepper
 i do have the other hat for this beefeater,but alas, he is dwelling behind the fridge at the moment
this sad fellow i've had for many years.  i think my sister has the other.

amy xx

ps. i just found three more sets in my tupperware cupboard for picnics and things.  the shakers are everywhere!


  1. the cat and the wool one is amazing!
    Abraham's great aunty used to collect s&p shakers too. I guess they used to be far more common cause you don't see them very much (new) these days, aye?

  2. this is a very pretty post. i like those blue bullety rockety ones.