Tuesday, May 29, 2012

havin' a little whine and a moan

all things considering, my life is pretty darn good.
but here is my wishlist for my life right now:

i want...
 a doctor, any doctor,to tell me something that makes sense to me about ollie's ear issues
 the perfect job to magically appear
some extra money to pay my bills would be helpful
a pair of shoes to replace my soon-to-be worn-out only pair would be great
  my body to look exactly how i want it to
my own home
a rad bicycle
 my weed patch to look more like a vege patch
 a birdhouse
 a pretty new dress
a new chair for my table that isn't threatening to snap from underneath me

yeah, i know, some of it is pretty materialistic. murgh.  
i'll be more selfless tomorrow.  promise 



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