Friday, May 4, 2012

hello there!

i feel like i've been a bit spacey over here lately.  so i will say im sorry.  many things have been happening in our little household, mostly good but also some not-so-goodly things.  that's life though, right?
some awesomely awesome things that have been going on though, are:
 hanging out with delicious babies
 chilling and fun-timing in marahau
 hanging out with this guy
and doing a spot of yellow crafting.  a certain someone has a birthday in the next week or so and he's turning....
(watch this space for a birthday party post..)
so, alot of my time has also been spent at his kindy parent-helping, just so i can spend as much time as possible with him before he starts school.  waah!
so maybe my next post won't be until after his birthday party/kindy party/first day of school/all the other birthday stuff we'll do.  i'm sure you will forgive me?

amy xx
ps probably one of the best things that's happened is this little bundle of awesomeness


  1. there's no pictorial evidence to the contrary so i'll assume i'm the awesome bundle. haha.

  2. ps> the yellowness is looking glorious.

  3. Yeh the weather in NZ has been awesome which helps!
    I've got a nearly 5 year old too - snap! Looking forward to the party post. Happy days!

  4. rin, as much as would love you to be the lovely bundle, if you click on the link,it will show you who i meant!

  5. haha I knew who you meant.she is alright, indeed x

  6. I'm the awesome bundle of awesomeness! Woo.
    Although I suspect you actually meant the newer, smaller addition to our family : P
    The yellow looks awesome, as do you.