Thursday, May 31, 2012

happy home

my plan today was to do a wardrobe wednesday (i know, it's thursday, bear with me), but after running into a few problems with my camera and photo-taking abilities, i have decided instead to share some snaps of some jolly additions recently added to our home.
 i did get one shot of something i wore today, this amazing wooden tui brooch. this used to be mum's but she never wore it so now it's mine.  lucky me!
 this handsome fellow was discovered for $1 ($1!) at a local monthly market.  he is more turquoise in real life, but i think he is rather shy and didn't want to show his true colours...he he he
 vintage warwick ringbinder... eep!  she was found at the same market for a whole 50c!  i cried a little with happiness.  she will be holding some of my knitting patterns i think.

 i visited my friend, julia, the other day and i spied this in her room.  she said because i loved it so much, i could have it.  yes, i agree with you, it IS an amazing horse picture.  but guess what?  it's a holographic picture!  those horses move!
 i made this last night for a friend who is having a birthday on saturday.  (it's a memo/grocery list thingy ma jiggy.  basically some pretty paper framed in a cheap frame.  add a whiteboard marker and a duster.  that's your tutorial)  so technically it's not being added to my home.  but i have been testing it out because i want to make one for my kitchen.  
 i've made a few of these and they are smattered around my home.  i love how eeny teeny they are!  succulents!  in tiny pots!  in tiny macrame hangers!   
 another amazing picture.  a little bit more than i'd normally pay for something like this ($5) but i did want some more vintage pictures for my lounge, so i paid happily.  love those muted tones!
oh, and this.  oh me, oh my.  this paper is over 50 years old and is part of two large pieces that my nana would re-use every year to wrap my mums christmas presents in when she was a girl.  when me and my sister were born, nana gave the two pieces to my mum and she began to use them to wrap presents in for us.  she would re-use them every year, eventually only using ribbon to tie the paper.  the pieces became so fragile and papery-thin that mum stopped using them, but she gave them my sister and myself to own.  and so recently we had a portion each framed, and a surprise piece framed for mum.  i love how they have turned out, im gonna treasure this wee beauty for ever!

thanks for looking around my house,stop on by again!
maybe you could show me around your house sometime, you could show off some of your new acquisitions!

amy xx


  1. Oh that is so lovely about the Christmas wrapping paper! what a wonderful way to keep a treasure. thank you for sharing.

  2. How amazing your Nana and Mum kept the paper,looks wonderful framed.