Thursday, May 24, 2012

mr.postman look and see..

... if there's a letter in your bag for me

i really like receiving mail.  actually, not all mail.  i'm not a huge fan of bills or those silly letters
 which make me squeal quietly with excitement, only to discover it's some company trying to sell me something.  those are silly, silly letters.
but real letters, well, they are just lovely.  there's nothing better than discovering these in the letterbox, and curling up somewhere comfy to open and read them. usually with a cup of tea nearby.
and i think in order for me to receive more letters, i need to send more.  
and so that is just what i intend to do.  i am going to write more letters.  if you would like me to write you a letter as well, let me know!  or get on the letter band-wagon as well.  spread some happiness today and make someone smile with a letter.

amy xx


  1. I used to love having penpals as a kid, these days sadly most my communication is done online. Expecting a nice letter (and not another request for money) would definitely make me more excited to check the mail!

  2. sounds like a good idea. Me and the kids have a lot of catching up on mail to do. And bring back the thank you cards, I say! If I just had time for that....