Sunday, May 13, 2012

it's a yellow party! (many-pictures post)

i can't believe this day came around so fast, but yesterday ollie had his 5th birthday party!  
ollie chose to have a yellow party which was super fun, but more importantly, super easy.

he had five friends come around (which in hindsight was such a lovely number of children), and my parents and a few of my friends came along too.  i kept the party to two hours, and kept referring to a list i had made of estimated times for each activity, which seemed to work pretty well.  (one of probably seven different lists i had made leading up to the big day, ha ha)

the kids played a few classic games - pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel, statues, sad kitty and ollie smashed up the pinata.  but what was super great was the kids seemed to entertain themselves in the down times.  they made up a few 'dancing' games, went outside and kicked a ball around, and went bug hunting with one of ollie's new presents.

the decorations i made were pretty simple.  yellow is such a great colour for parties and so i had balloons, home-made pom-pom garland,home-made bunting outside, a tiered cake stand i spray painted yellow, tooth-pick toppers (i can post a tutorial later if you want me to!) and yellow themed food. told you it was easy!  

to eat we had yellow lollies, chips and crackers with dip, sausage rolls, plain cookies with shades of yellow icing, lemon slice, banana, banana chips, juice and banana milk.  okay, so not the healthiest of birthday spreads, but it's a party, right?

and the cake.  i'm pretty proud of the cake!  although he didn't know what the cake would be until it was brought out, ollie saw a robot among other things in a cake book i have, and i knew it would be perfect.  I wanted to confuse him a bit so i made the robot grey but when he cut into it, it was bright yellow inside!  i used (quite a few) boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix (thanks Betty!) and added gel food colouring to get a sunshine colour.  i forgot to take pictures of the inside though!  sorry!

ollie seemed to have a fantastic time, and his friends did too i think.  after his friends went home with their home made goodie bags made by my friend julia (above, holding baby florence) i hung out with ollie and my friends having an extremely well deserved glass (or three) of wine.

ollie has his last day of kindergarten on monday which will be emotional, his birthday and first day of school on tuesday, and his dad and paternal relatives are visiting on thursday.  phew!  

a busy week, i'll post again later in the week.
love to you all,
amy xxx

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  1. That cake is amazing! I can't believe you made it yourself. Well done mama!